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Here at Eagle Eye we strive to never miss an opportunity to diagnose, repair or replace computer, networking and surveillance systems. Just as an Eagle will soar to great heights to obtain a point of view that gives them the advantage our technicians will do the same for your Computer Repair and Surveillance needs and concerns. Our process is to hear what the customer has to say about why they've called us out; we don't want you to worry about the proper terminology. We then go over your issues with you one at a time explaining what it is and how we can remove/repair or replace. After the repairs are completed our technicians will carefully go over the issues they've resolved at your request, if you feel that we've missed anything please don't hesitate to let us know.

We strive to never miss an opportunity to...

• Solve your computer (PC/MAC) and surveillance (CCTV) needs

• Educate our clients about their questions in a terminology you understand

• Provide a dedicated service and do what we say we are going to do

• Treat our clients with dignity, respect and honor

As an American Company, we work with you personally on a one on one basis. We offer a 10% discount on your total bill for computer repair services if you meet the following criteria:

• Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

• Law Enforcement and Correctional Officers

• Emergency Services Personnel

• Senior Citizen (65+)

• United States Military, both active duty and our Veterans

Please allow us an opportunity to impress upon you our skills both in customer service and in the technical world.

Eagle Eye Computer Repair and Surveillance Systems hereby known as "EECRSS"; established 2010.

God Bless America!

Why us?

We strive to explain any all computer and surveillance needs in terms you understand.

Our promise to you, is to always go above and beyond to provide excellent service. We promise to gain the best perspective to achieve all of your computer and surveillance needs. 

If you don't see your Town or City or Country listed please give us a call and ask if we can dispatch a technician to YOUR area!